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What is a Branded Merchandise Company Store Program Solution?

…a big title for a solution that means cost savings, brand control, and relevant logoed items all available through a convenient ecommerce store tailored to your needs and supported by 50+ years of Skill, Wisdom, Agility, and a whole lot of Genius.

Proprietary Technology AND Processes

Summit has designed, developed, tested and launched literally hundreds of e-commerce company store solutions. Today, we are running over 150 live, interactive sites on our platform. Most importantly, what we’ve learned by delivering corporate promotional products ecommerce stores for the biggest brands in the world is that no two companies are alike. Our proprietary platform and our in-house team can configure and manage your company store to integrate with YOUR systems and processes.

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Branding AND Purchasing Controls

Your brand is your most important asset- controlling its application is vital. Our dedicated account teams become your brand ambassadors (and your brand police). We uphold your brand integrity by ensuring each product, promotion and program is consistent and compliant with your brand guidelines.

Purchasing controls are equally essential. A company store program can ensure rogue spending is minimized. Our platform offers configurable features for budget management at the shopper level as well as other risk mitigation controls like buyer group reporting, Level 2 P-card data, EDI integration, and more.

Brand ambassadors

Cost Savings AND Return on Investment

Not only do we share our buying power to provide the lowest product prices possible in the industry, but the strength of our supplier relationships provide value you may not even realize you need.  Our supplier partners are stringently vetted to ensure you’re not paying extra for things like missed shipments, poor quality products, over or under purchasing of inventory, billing issues, and other hidden challenges that cost you time and money when you use an otherwise untested partner.

In addition, we only source products that will work for your specific needs, and our staff handles the application of your brand on promotion products like it’s our own, which greatly improves ROI and significantly reduces waste.

Buying power improves ROI

Full-Service AND Full of Features

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