Why Summit?

For 50+ years, we’ve been delivering quality products and creative solutions. In that time, we’ve had the opportunity to serve some of the largest, most prominent brands on the planet.  
Our formula is simple. We have a passion for SWAG!

Skill + Wisdom + Agility = Genius

We combine our multi-faceted, deep, rich history and experience into every project and company store solutions to help our clients generate real results. And after all these years, we can confidently say – our solutions are the best in the industry.

Sound Familiar?

Need 20 executive gifts next week? You need our Skill.

Need to welcome 320 new employees merging into the company next month? You need our Wisdom.

Need to plan promotional items for 10 off-site conferences this year? You need our Agility.

Need a bold promotion for a multi-million dollar product launch in 9 months? You need to look Genius.

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Need a Company Store Solution?

Our online company store solutions deliver cost savings, brand control, purchasing control, and a full suite of products and services tailored to your needs and supported by our formula for success:

Skill + Wisdom + Agility = Genius

Summit’s robust and flexible corporate merchandise stores offer your internal and external buyers a user-friendly, online experience; spot-on promotional products, in-house creative design; timely fulfillment and distribution; knowledgeable customer care; business intelligence reporting; and the invaluable expertise of our award-winning account managers to help with complex challenges.

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Need a Customized Product right away?

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